Joni B. Cole, Creative Consultant (currently experiencing a waitlist of clients)
Joni has served as a consultant and professional editor for both seasoned authors and writers just starting to tap into their creative abilities. She is the author of two acclaimed books for writers: Good Naked:  How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier; and Toxic Feedback: Helping Writers Survive and Thrive. Joni has taught creative writing through her own Writer’s Center in White River Junction, Vermont, and at graduate programs, workshops, and conferences around the country. She also leads expressive writing workshops at women’s shelters, the VA hospital, the restorative justice program, libraries, conferences, and a diversity of other nonprofit and educational organizations. Rates: $75/hour for developmental editing. For more information, see To reach her, email  

Deborah McKew, Editor and Content Developer
As a writer and writing instructor, Deb knows that imagination and creativity need to be fed by inspiration. In her work with other writers, she provides opportunities for inspiration to occur. She teaches students of all ages and skill levels how to be better writers and how to have fun with the writing process.
Deb’s credentials include 15 years of experience teaching and consulting with writers of fiction and nonfiction. She currently works as the director of communications and publications at Biodiversity Research Institute, Portland, Maine, where she utilizes her skills and expertise as science journalist, editor, desktop publisher, and grammar police. Over the course of her tenure at the wildlife institute, she has written, edited, and produced a wide variety of scientific communications pieces that help elucidate the complex science that ultimately informs those who are charged with the stewardship of our natural environment.
Deb also has been certified as a secondary English teacher; she holds an M.S. in Science Journalism. She is also a features and essay writer for science and general interest magazines. To contact Deb, visit her website:

Deborah Heimann, Editor
Deb is an accomplished playwright and author of journal articles, policy documents, newsletters, and concise summaries, has more than 19 years’ experience editing creative and professional online and print publications for a variety of authors, publishers, and organizations. For 12 years, Deb guided the strategic direction of content within an international information-sharing website. Her work focused on soliciting, reading, assessing, synthesizing, writing, and editing articles about complex social and economic development issues. As a theater director in New York City in the mid- to-late ’90s, Deb collaborated directly with playwrights – developing their new plays from first drafts to full stage productions. Contact Deb at or (802) 356-2082 and visit her website at